Food Safety – Sri Lankan Context

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Of late it has been noticed that some of the branded food processors in Sri Lanka have been sealed and restricted its business by relevant authorities. Ex: Rice Mill, Bakery producer, and soft drink manufacturer.

Why this has become a threat?

There are many reasons for the background of these incidents. Lack of awareness of food safety, negligence of local regulations, and hesitating on investment in the proper food safety scheme.

The output is not much simpler as we predict. Fact number one. Lost of the brand name is a huge disadvantage that cannot be gained easily. The whole business could be crumbled and there will be no space in the marketplace again. Sometimes, if the business involves export, it will be cast out from the respective countries and blacklisted for other states as well. In Sri Lanka, this situation is worst since most of the export industries were lost during the last decades. As a country, Sri Lanka gets a black mark.

Fact number two. Even though the clientele is not affected heavily, some products may have to return and destroy due to rejection by the clients. This will be a huge monetary value and indeed in vain.

Fact number three. The frightening scenario is when customers become ill or dead due to non-safe food use. The loss could not be estimated and the final results in a large outbreak that directly impinges on society.

So Food Safety is not a bare fact, but a 100% important matter. Round the globe, many decisions and instructions have been needed in order to keep off any food-born disease outbreaks.

The lack of a common legal and statutory basis for food safety is another weakness of the country. MOH, CAA, CDA, DFAR, Tea board, and many government offices cover different types of food items. Instead of many, one common authority should be established to create and execute food safety laws.

However, on that point are some government regulations and acts to create safer food for consumers, but the doubt has originated with the practical carrying out.

Sharing knowledge is the key. Investment is Assurance.

Imagine two thousand times before selecting any decision on food safety. We are always here to help you succeed. SAFO Consultancy.

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